What’s Two comma club? Full Details(Entrepreneurs Game)

What's Two comma club?

What’s Two comma club?

When you have a look at a few of the most effective business owners today,

you’ll discover that they’re all a part of neighborhoods of similar service individuals.

And while great tools and methods for increasing your earnings are essential

to your service success, you likewise require to network.



What's Two comma club?

What’s Two comma club?

When you’ve got a network of comparable individuals, you’ll get a lot of advantages:

Mentoring and training
Prospective clients
All in all, it pays to develop a network.

Just as you’d develop an affiliate program to promote your items cost-effectively,

you ‘d sign up with a neighborhood to get access to understanding and individuals who can assist you get ahead.

That certainly appears to be the essence behind the 2 Comma Club,

begun by the creator of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson.


What is ClickFunnels’ 2 Comma Club?



What's Two comma club?


The Two Comma Club is a neighborhood for online business owners who’ve made over 1 million dollars with ClickFunnels, an online sales funnel home builder.


If you’ve been utilizing ClickFunnels to construct your online sales funnel,

and you’ve effectively made over $1mil,

you can end up being a part of this special neighborhood as one of the leading business owners.


Now, the program compares various tiers who each get various awards,

depending upon just how much they’ve made.

If you’ve read my evaluation of Russell Brunson,

the creator of ClickFunnels, then you’ll remember he started as a network marketer.



How to join ClickFunnels’ Two Comma Club



Join The Two comma Club

According to the deficiency concept, the more unattainable and unusual something is, the preferred it is.

Brunson understands it well, which is precisely why he established the Two Comma Club.


Exclusivity offers.

Simply take a look at iPhones – not everybody can get them,

and it’s precisely why everybody desires them.


From a company perspective, the Two Comma Club is an excellent

method to show that your software application works and turns individuals into millionaires.


Everybody wishes to be a millionaire, so the 2 Comma Club likewise

works as social evidence to draw in brand-new consumers.

Now, ClickFunnels

definitely does have the capability to assist you, as I discussed in my ClickFunnels evaluate, however,

you’re likewise going to require service savvy of your own.

Eventually, the very first thing you require to do to sign up

with the Two Comma Club is making a million dollars through ClickFunnels.

Head over to their Two Comma Club Award application, and:

Send out a screenshot that shows you made over $1,000,000 with ClickFunnels


Develop a screen share video showing that you made that cash because of your funnel
Make certain you’ve processed a minimum of 40 deals
Pay $250 to be thought about
Which’s it!

What are you getting in return?

What's Two comma club?


Two Comma Club Awards


2 Comma Club has a couple of tiers/awards,

based upon just how much cash you can show you made with



If you made a minimum of 1 million, you can look for the 2CC award.

That’s the fundamental one we’ve been discussing.

Once again, the very same conditions I pointed out previously use.

You need to show that the sales funnel assisted you to do it,

send out screenshots, and pay the $250 application cost.

What do you get if you make $1mil and sign up with the Two Comma Club?

A plaque to hold on your wall, and a possibility to stroll throughout the stage at Funnel Hacking Live.



For many years, 737 individuals have actually signed up with the Two Comma Club.

This award does not provide a lot by the method of benefits.


The plaque is just good if you’re running a consulting company or offering

entrepreneurship courses, and you’d like to reveal to your consumers simply how effective you are.


If you like your awards like your commitment cards,

then you can pay $450 for the application charge to commemorate

a substantial turning point in your ClickFunnels journey:

If you made $25 million
$ 50 000 000
$ 75 000 . 000
$ 100 000 000
And whenever you reach the next turning point,

the ideal section of your award will be completed.

Once again, you’re not getting anything however the plaque,

which is simply underwhelming, and I’ll discuss why in a bit.


If you’re a ClickFunnel business owner and you’ve contributed over $1mil to charity,

you’re qualified for the Two Comma Club 2 Heart Award.

You’ll pay a $250 application charge, and get a cool plaque.


What's Two comma club?



What are you getting if you join the Two Comma Club?



If you sign up with the Two Comma Club, you get a plaque and boasting rights.

It’s experiencing significant Shiny Object Syndrome.

Personally, I’m not a fan of spending on quiet things.

The income itself is an award to me. Favorable consumer evaluations are an award.

Heck, a health club day to treat me for my successes is a benefit.


What's Two comma club?


Getting a plaque, and then being asked to share my funnel plans as a lead magnet

for other ClickFunnels potential customers – while I’m continually praying for the tool,

and paying the application cost – for complimentary?

Sorry, it’s simply not my cup of coffee.



 Should you join the Two Comma Club?


Once again, I do believe there’s some worth in signing up with the Two Comma Club.

If you desire to restate your achievements as a business owner and utilize that as a factor why individuals ought to purchase your items, pay for your services and/or courses, an award like this one can be convenient.

It’s much like sites utilizing security logo designs to motivate their clients to go shopping online.

Individuals see a McAfee anti-virus logo design on your site, and they feel more secure.

You get an SSL certificate, and your clients see the cool green padlock of trust, and they’re happier to provide you cash.

It’s a mental thing.



Two Comma Club alternatives


If you wish to get in touch with similar business owners and get development hacks, think about Indie Hackers

Indie Hackers.

It’s Product Hunt’s neighborhood for business owners, online entrepreneur,

and individuals who wish to turn their side hustles into full-time tasks.


There’s an excellent variety of thinking, and no place are you asked to purchase an item or pay an application cost.

At the same time, you can get in touch with other business owners.


No, most of them aren’t millionaires (yet), however, there are some, and they are constantly pleased to supply recommendations.

The folks behind Indie Hackers likewise have a podcast and interviews with business owners, and their day-to-day e-mails can be exceptionally useful.



You might pay for a business owner’s course, and join their personal neighborhood.

Most of them use such things, and I’ve evaluated the work of lots of online business owners.

They generally handle internet marketing, and other individuals taking the courses have comparable interests so it’s a good networking chance, in addition to getting the abilities you require.


Join The comma Club Here

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