4 Best Sales funnel Builders for online business

To help you find the best fit for your business, I reviewed the Top four sales funnel builders

platforms on the market nowdays and put some criteria to be on consideration as you select one of them.

By the end of this article, you’ll know which one is best for your business.


#1. Builderall Review: All in one platform for launching and managing your business.


Sales funnel builders
Builderall Review

If you want to launch and manage your entire business including autoresponder, creating sales

funnels, landing pages, a blog for your business, and much more than you should go with Builderall.

There are other great tools but don’t have all the features that Builderall has.

If you already have a business maybe you are using several tools at the same time one for email marketing.

Another for hosting your blog, another for creating funnels, another for your store if you have an e-commerce business, and so on.

And that maybe costly and confusing.

That why you need a complete platform to run your business from one place and Builderall

offers everything you need in your business and even some features you won’t use at all.

It’s suitable for new marketers and entrepreneurs that have started a business.

But while Builderall is a great platform and, offers everything you need it doesn’t necessarily

mean that you have to use it. You may find the other tools that fit your business better.

4 Best Sales funnel Builders for online business

What is Builderall?

Builderall Review

Builderall is an all_in_one digital marketing software Tool packed with essential tools to help

online marketers, small business owners and, entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses online.

It offers all the necessary features you need to grow your online business in one place, instead of purchasing each tool separately.

It’s a cloud based system so,you don’t have install or, download anything.All you need to create an account and internet connection.

They launched Builderall 4.0 with upgraded tools and much more benefits. The platform includes five different sections.

1.The Builders

2. Email Marketing(autoresponder)

3. Design section

4. Traffic management

5. Social media engagement

These five sections include many tools to help you create funnels, websites, landing pages,

webinars, Whatsapp automation, chat feature, ecommerce store and, much more.

Builderall’s features

  1. Cheetah website builder
  2. Funnel builder
  3. Chat builder
  4. Webinar builder
  5. eLearning
  6. Funnel Club
  7. Website agency
  8. Autoresponder
  9. Whatsapp automation tool
  10. Ecommerece_Magento
  11. WordPress integration
  12. App builder
  13. Directory builder(events builder)
  14. Booking builder
  15. Magazine builder
  16. Mockup studio
  17. 3D photo Editor studio
  18. Transparent floating video
  19. Video Wrapper
  20. Use Tag tool.
  21. Funnel builder
  22. Hosting space
  23. AV access
  24. Share locker
  25. Social autopost App
  26. Instagram autoresponder
  27. Page SEO Report
  28. Click map
  29. Custom Email
  30. Messenger chatbot
  31. Social proof pop_ up
  32. Website chatbot
  33. Browser Notifications
  34. Telegram
  35. SMS messaging
  36. CRM
  37. Script Generator
  38. DNS Manager.

We’ll get into the details about each feature later.

All the features are designed to help entrepreneurs and, business owners to build their businesses and sell products efficiently.

Whatever your design background and experience, you can easily design funnels,landing

pages,webinar and, more to promote your products and services.

Builderall offers more than 38 features, while most of them available only on the premium plan.

Builderall’s top features.

1.Dedicated servers


Sales funnel builders
Builderall Review

Builderall offers web hosting service to create a website.

It has dedicated local servers to host your websites, videos, funnels, webinars, and everything you need to design for your business.


All the internet maintenance, security and, backup issues are maintained by Builderall’s team so you don’t have to worry about that.

Builderall has a CDN Network which provides servers  in five continents, delivering fast loading speeds and high operating time.

It allows you to use it’s subdomains and also, you can connect your own domains.


2. Drag and drop website builder

Sales funnel builders
Builderall website builder

Website builder tool is one of the best features that builderall offers.

To create a successful online business you need landing pages and sales funnels to collect leads and increase your conversion rate.

Builderall offers a selection of wesbites and funnels builders you can choose from.

Also, it allows you to view your site or funnel how does it look on mobile,desktop and, tablet.

That means you can provide a nice user experience to your audience depending on whether they visit your funnel on a desktop, mobile or, tablet.

There are three website funnel builders called, Drag and drop pixel perfect builder, the

responsive builder, and, the mobile _first drag and drop builder.

The only key difference between them is the responsive view.

Having option of three different builders gives you full control on how your funnel across all devices.

If you don’t want to spending time testing the responsiveness of your site you can jump directly

the responsive builder with this builder Builderall takes care of making your website fast loading across all devices.

You can easily drag and drop across the page, change text, colors and,much more

Also, you can design kindle covers, facebook covers, eBook covers, Google plus headers, blog

header design, business cards,advertising images and more.

The Drag and Drop builders and other integrated tools will allow you to create attractive and

fast loading websites, ecom stores, lead capture pages, and sales funnels.

It’s literally all_in_one platform.



Builderall templates

There are tons of pre- built templates available for users to market their products and services.

Builderall offers a huge selection of attractive and completely customized templates to choose from.

The templates include many niches so, whatever your niche is, you’ll find templates for your business.

The templates also, packed by type whether you’re building sales funnel, lead magent, thank you page, you’ll find a template fit the situation.

Once you choose the template you have the ability to customize it as you want by changing colors, headings and more.

They are usefull especially for those who lack designing skills or,time to create a template from scratch.

Also, there are many blank templates in case you want to build your template from scratch.


4. Sales funnels

sales funnel builder

Builderall has a lot of pre-made templates that include many niches and have been created to increase sales and conversions rate.

This is just you need for your online business to maximize your revenue selling products and services.

Sales funnel templates have a lot of options integrations, two and, three checkout options. Also, you add upselling to checkout options.

There are a few points to be considered regarding the website builders.

As there are three builders it can be a little time consuming to find a suitable template for your funnel.

This because they are very similar and you’ll have to check them all to choose a template that works best for you.


5. Heat mapping

Sales funnel builders
Builderall heat mapping

Builderall offers a unique feature called clickmap which allows you to track where your visitors have been clicking on your pages.

Many other similar platforms don’t have this feature.

This tool helps you to know how is your audience navigating across your pages and, to create more attention on pages with a high attention rate.


Builderall also, works with Google analytics and that means you’ll be able track your audience through Google analytics and, how long your visitors stay on your website.

Note sometime heat mapping feature doesn’t work and appears as an error.


6. The floating video

Builderall Review

Transparennt floating video is another amazing feature provided by Builderall which is absent in a lot of similar funnels builders.

It allows you to upload videos that you’ve filmed with a green screen.

You can use these types of vidoes on your landing pages to grab the attention of your visitors.

All you have to do is create your video, install a pixel to the landing page and, to show the video and, it’s ready to go.


7. Presentations builder

If you want to create slide presentations to explain something to your audience then you’ll find this feature useful and time saving.

It works similar to powerpoint with some more options.

8. Animated video tool

Sales funnel builders
Builderall funnels

As the name of this tool refers it allows you to create completely animated videos you can add

text, sound, and,other elements to create an eye attention grabbing vidoes for your business.

These types of videos you can use on your social media channels to increase your engagement and conversions or you may use them in paid advertising.


You can upload videos already you have and add these features and effects to it.To make it more professional.

Also, you can convert a text to speech using the text to speech feature you’ll write the content and the program will read it for you in several different voices.

There are many different accents voices you can choose the most suitable to you.

You can download your ready vidoes to your computer and use them as you want.

If you want to upload them your You Tube channel, facebook profile or other platforms.


9.Design studio

best sales funnel builders

You can use the design studio to create images and, vidoes for your social media channels, products and, services.

You can upload vidoes and, images a specific area like mobile screen, TV screen and other types of devices.

Alos, you can upload your own videos and images and select the area to display them.

In the photo studio section, you can edit your photos add and, change elements such as text,

color, size, and background and, it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes per photo.

Using Builderall image spinner you can create a 3D images for your website and funnels.


10. App creator


Instead of using only a website to connect to your target audience why not reach them through mobile apps which can be download on mobile phones for free.

This unique feature allows you to increase your brand awareness and, build relations with your audience.

It’s a drag and, drop feature to create and publish your apps without coding skills.

If you want to monetize your apps with adsense to make an extra income then you need to

create Google play store, Apple app store, and, amazon app store accounts.

You can create an app for your business and, upload it to the app stores this will be a great way

to let your target audience learn more about your business and get notifications about, discounts, offers and, bonuses.

Using app builder tool you can build a strong relation with your audience and, increase brand awareness.

Also, you can add your social media platforms links inside the app to get more followers.


11. The MailingBoss autoresponder

best sales funnel builders

Email marketing is a main part in any online business, if you don’t build your emails that means you’re losing a lot and you won’t build a long term sustainable business.

Email marketing is one of the best ways of marketing today because it costs very less compare to paid ads.

Some statistics say that each $1 you spend to collect leads you’ll make $4 as profits.

This means if you have 1000 subscribers and, you know how to use email marketing effectively you can make $4000 per month.


Another great feature is offered by Builderall which gives unlimitted numbers of emails you can send out to your email list.

MailingBoss is an email marketing tool that allows you to create email marketing campaigns and send unlimited numbers of emails.

Many other platforms give you limited numbers of emails and, if you want to increase the

number of emails you’ll have to upgrade to a higher plan.

This one of my favorite features provided by Builderall you can send any number of emails you have.

Even some platforms don’t have email marketing integrated tools, in this case, you need to subscribe to another separate email marketing platform.


With Builderall MailingBoss autoresponder you can add new subscribers, or, import your email lists from your computer or, anyhwere after putting them in txt file.

You can manage your lists using tags and triggers actions.

There are a lot of pre- made templates and elements to help you rapidly create and attractive email marketing campaign.

And this makes launching a new campaign very easy even for those who have never used email marketing tool before.

Sending emails to subscribers is easy. However to get results from your campaigns you need to

create email sequences it means to send a marketing campaign every day or every two days as you want.

To keep your customers engaging until convert them to sales.

All these sequences will be automatically sent to your email lists you’ll need to create them only first time.

Once you create and send your email campaign you can moniter it’s success rate by ckecking

your statistics to see your open rate, click rate, and, how many people unsubscribed from your list.


Sales funnel builders
best sales funnel builders
You can retarget your subscribers by dividing them to segments according the action they have taken.

You can create a separate campaign for those who have opend the email but did not click.

Another email campaign for those who have clicked the link and did not purchase and, so on.

By this way you’ll increase your conversions rate by sending many different emails.

While MailingBoss works fine, this does mean it’s the best email marketing tool in the market

there are many email marketing services such as GetResponse, Sendin Blue, Mailchimp, and,

others But for these services you need to pay a monthly subscription beside your funnel builder platform.

And the good thing about Builderall and it’s email marketing tool is you need to pay only one subscriptions not two separately.


As you create and, send many emails they’ll appear under the sequence section randomly and that maybe confusing a little.

The pros of MailingBoss is it’s simplicity you can select a template and use drag and, drop feature to customize it as you want.

In comparison, to many platforms they only give you templates without many options of a simpler design.


12. On-page SEO

Builderall offers on-page SEO tool to help you optimize your website by giving you score and advice on how to make more search engine optimized.

The tool has every basic function you need to analyze your website’s performance.

Here are some data you’ll get when you analyze your pages.

1.Critical factors.

2.Optional factors

Each one of these factors will give information about a particular page. So, you need to know all

parts that increase the chance of visibilty and, rank high on search engines.

All you have to do is to put your target keyword and this tool immediately will give analysis about

your website optimization and, the changes you should make to increase your visibility and chance of ranking higher on search engines.


Of course SEO process is a long journey to build domain authority and rank high you need to build high quality backlinks and, social signals.

Beside SEO tool. All builderall’s templates are completely optimized for search engine to load fast and, provide a nice user experience.

13. Script generator


The scrpit generator allows you to design emails,vidoes,sales letters, and, more.

Also,helps you to select the avatar you need for your product or, service to close a sale.


14. eCommerce

Sales funnel builders

If you have an ecommerce business or, planning to start one.

The eCommerce builder tool can help you to create your eCommerce store and sell your products online.

It’s a partnership between Builderall and Magento platform for building online stores.

You can simply insert your products into Builderall’s Marketplace and, select your payment, and, delivery methods of your products.

The ecommerce store builder works like other ecommerce stores such as shopify.

You’ll get access to many options such as coupons, popups, checkout process, and, more.

Also, you can set up an affiliate program for your products so, affiliate marketers can promote your products to get commissions.


Or, if you don’t want to start an ecommerce business, just use Builderalls sales funnels to promote other people’s products and get paid when you make a sales.


Builderall also, integrates with many online payment gates include PayPal, Stripe, Shopify, and, more.

Whatever type of business you’re running you’ll find the tools you need to start and, scale your business using Builderall.


15. eLearning

Sales funnel builders
sales funnel builders

Builderall offers eLearning app to help people who sell online courses or, classes.

eLearning app is an educational platform which allows users to create courses and, classes, manage students, teachers and, more.


As an educational platform, users can create quizes, upload courses, and, create tests.

Also, you can use different triggers to control the action of students from skipping some parts of the course.

Only give them access parts of the course that you want them to complete.

Builderall allows you to create unlimited number of courses and, lessons, and, sell themas you like.

This makes Builderall a great tool for those who want to create and, sell online courses.


16. Membership sites

Using Builderall you can create a membership site. This offers an exclusive users exeperience to your customers.

You can create a restricted area using one the builderall site builders, and, you can create registration and, login settings.

You can create free, or, paid membership sites, to collect monthly subscription fee.


17. Webinars

Sales funnel builders

Webinars marketing is one of the commonly used methods nowdays to sell high ticket offers.

Master class marketing is extremely effective way to engage with your audience and give them

Builderall Offers a tool for creating engaging webinars to increase your conversions

The webinar tool conveniently allows you to upload your content from your desktop or, You Tube.

You can create interactive webinars such live video streaming, share screen, and, record a webinar.

The streaming feature allows you to play directly to facebook and, You Tube.

Also, you can schedule your webinar time, activate chat, and check statitics.


What is the importance of webinars?


Webinar marketing is becoming more popular among entrepreneurs, and, companies.

There’s a study conducted by content marketing institute and, indicates that about 60% of

entrepreneurs and B2B marketers using webinars to connect with their target audience to generate leads.

Webinars allow you to build trust and, strong relations with your audience because you’ll give

free and, valuable information first then you’ll offer your products and, services.


18. Blog builder

Sales funnel builders

It’s well known that to build a long term business with strong foundation you need to create content to engage with your customers and, market your products.

One of the best ways to create content that drives traffic and, sales is to create a blog.

Builderall offers a blog builder to enable you add your posts easily and rapidly using the blog builder tool.


 19.WordPress installation


The WordPress installation tool allows you to use Builderall to build your sites and at the same time get the benefits of WordPress.

It’s a win_ win offer that allows you to get the benefits of both websites builders Builderall and WordPress.


20. Canvas funnel builder


Building a high converting sales funnel is extremely important to save money , time, and, convert your visitors into customers and sales.

You need to create a sales funnel that guides your customers step by step to take the action you want them to do.

Faluire of create an effective customer journey will lead to No satisfied results.

Builderall has added a new feature called canvas funnel builder will help you build sales funnel even if you are not familiar with funnel building.

It allows to choose a template and, use it

Choose a funnel template and customize as you want.

Build your sales funnel from scratch by attaching several pages together.

In addition to that it allows you to add, connect, arrange your pages in many ways.

21.Social media engagement

Sales funnel builders
funnel builders

Builderall also, social media management apps include:

1.Facebook chatbot. It’s similar to chatfuel, you can use it to send automated messages to your audience whenever someone writes a comment in one of your posts.

In chatfuel you can automate your replies in many different ways such as to send a message

only if someone writes a specific word according to your offer and, this allows you to target only people who are interested in your offer.

2.Social proof. This feature acts as a pop-up notification like notifications boxes that appear in some websites or, stores and, ask you to enter your email.


3.Sitebot. sitebot is a drag and, drop tool that allows you create an automated conversions and,

add themto your website this may increase the engagement rate in your site.

4.CRM. this tool allows you to keep your customers’ data. Its a tracking tool.


Builderall pricing plans

Builderall offers three plans.

1.Builder plan

It costs U$29.90 a month

1 domain

5 subdomains

5000 subscribers (emails)

5GB Deskspace

  1. Website builder
  2. Booking & Calendar App
  3. Email Marketing Automation
  4. Professional Email Marketing Platform
  5. Super Fast CDN Servers
  6. Unlimited Membership Areas
  7. Blogging Apps
  8. Super Checkout
  9. Mobile Page Loading Accelerator
  10. Full SEO On-Page Optimization
  11. E-commerce Checkout
  12. Bump Sales, Upsales, and Down Sales
  13. SSL Certificate

And, more


2. Builderall Premium plan

$69.90 per month

15 Domains

Unlimited subdomains

Unlimited subscribers (emails)

10GB deskspace

Includes all features of builder plan plus the following

1.Countdown, Evergreen, Fixed Date Timers

2.CRM Integrated Tool

3.Digital Marketing Training  access

4.Smart Popup

5. Cheetah funnel builder

6.Funnel Simulator and Data Comparison

7.Builderall Video Hosting

8.Private Chat Builder

9.Directory Builder

10. Telegram Automation App

11.SMS Messaging

12.Professional Messenger Drag & Drop

13. Website ChatBot

14.Unlimited Magazine Builder

15.Unlimited Magazine Builder

16.Evergreen Webinar Builder

17.Facebook Live Streaming Tool

18.Youtube Live Streaming Tool

19.Wordpress 3-Click Integration

20.Turbo Templates

21.Website Agency System

22.VA Access

23. Website and funnel transfer.


3. Funnel Club plan


Sales funnel builders
funnel builders

This plan costs $199 for the first time then $99.90 per month.

The first time payment reduces the fee into $99.90 in upcoming months.

You have to pay only 99.90 and, this makes it the best option for large businesses and enterprises to get more features than the premium plan.

Even if you are just startup you can take this option if you want to promote Builderall as an

affiliate and make commissions because Funnel club gives you instant access to the affiliate

program with a done for you funnel and, YouTube ads videos to promote the platform.


It includes everthing in premium plan plus the following features.

30+ done for you Messenger Chatbot Niche Funnel

50+ done for you Niche Funnels to collect leads and promote the platform.

50+ done for you Niche Funnels for Agencies in case you want to create an agency.

20+ done for you Niche Funnels to help you build email list.

10+ done for you Premium Funnels

300+ done for you Cheetah Strategic Funnels.

  Automatic affiliate Approval to promote the software.

They will a new funnel every week.

They will new themes every week.


Builderall affiliate program

Builderall doesn’t only offer business tools for business owners to grow online. It also, gives a

chance for affiliate marketers to promote the software and earn passive recurrent income.

It means if someone signs up under your affiliate link you’ll get 100% commission for the first

time and 30% recurrent commission as long as this person pays for his/her subscription.

So, you can build a passive income with this affiliate program.


Builderall Review: pros and cons


Each product or, platform has advantages and, disadvantages. I will give you an overview of both.



My #1 feature is the integrated autoresponder for email marketing. Many similar platforms don’t offer autoresponder and, some of them offer autoresponder with very limited subscribers,


and, to increase you’ll have to go for a higher plan with a high monthly fee. Builderall offers 5000 subscribers for the basic plan and, unlimited subscribers for the premium and funnel club.


It offers 38+ tools in one place to make it easier for you manage your business.

Continuous update of old features.

Offers 14 days trial.

Suitable prices compare to clickfunnels and kartra.

Constant new tools and, features will be added.

Offers AV access if you need a virtual assistant.



38 + Tools and features might be overwhelming for beginners.

They are focusing too much on adding new tools

The Tools should be more professional

You need to learn continuously to be able to use all these tools

You can’t join their affiliate program if you don’t use the platform.


If you are still Not sure you can try for 14 days and, see if it fits your needs.


#2.Kartra Review: Run your entire business.

If you want to start an online business, then you may have heard of Kartra which is a digital marketing platform.

To help you create sales funnel, landing pages, launch an agency, websites, membership area,email marketing, hosting videos, and, more.

This funnel builder platform gives you everything you need in one place to launch your online business.

You don’t have to use any other funnel builder platform for your business, or, team of developers and,designers.

If you want to sell products or, services online you need to have an attractive landing page,or, funnel to increase your conversions.

Using platforms like kartra can help a lot and make the process of online marketing easy and, effective than if someone uses a normal website.


You need easy checkout pages, and, upselling features to increase your chance of selling more products to the same customer.

That’s why funnel builder platforms are more effective than basic websites.

While kartra is one of the most popular sales funnel builders, it doesn’t mean that you have to use it. There are a lot of alternative options that may fit your business better.


What is Kartra?

Sales funnel builders
kartra review

Kartra is an itegrated digital marketing platform that helps entrepreneurs and, marketers launch and, manage their business from one place.

It offers a lot of tools that needed by any business owner.

You can use Kartra for sales funnels, landing pages, hosting, email marketing, webinars, split- testing.

Memberships, forms, launch an agency, and, checkout pages.

The paltform is beginners friendly and, easy to use even for those without any tech skills can use the software because it’s drag and, drop interfaces.


This doesn’t mean the software is too basic.

There are alot of things tolearn if you have time such as building more complex sales funnels, forms, membership areas and, so on.

One of kartra’s features it offers proven sales funnels and marketing campaigns that created by professional entrepreneurs in the market like Frank Kern. 


Who is kartra for?

sales funnel builders

Platforms like kartra, Builderall, clickfunnels are not for everyone because they charge monthly fee.

If you don’t have an online business, or, business that needs leads, funnels, and, landing pages you way not need these platforms.


Today internet marketing is expanding tremendously if you till now don’t market your products or services online that means you are missing a lot.

The platform is ideal for people who want to start a successful online business.

For entrepreneurs who want to scale their businesses to multiple figures by creating high converting funnel, and, pages for more success.

Kartra is also, for people who don’t want to spend more time on creating websites, funnels from scratch.As it offers ready to use funnels.


Kartra’s features

There are a lot of tools and, features to mention in a single review, but we’ll talk about the most

important to give you a clear understanding of the platform and, to know is it suitable for you or,not.

As, there are a lot of alternatives out there.

Sales funnel builders

1. Page builder

sales funnel builders

The main idea of using sales funnel builder platform is to create a website for your online business, you can’t run an online business without website or funnels.

That’s why the page builder is extremely important.

Kartra offers over a hundred pre- built templates including almost any type of page you can imagine.

These templates include home pages, sales pages, blogs, thank you pages.

To import any type of page you can do it with a single click of a button.


2.Using the builder


If you want to build pages you have two options, you can select a ready template and, edit according to your needs

or, start from scratch and, create your sales funnel including adding text, images, videos, call to action and, more.

You can simply click on a blank template and, customize it.

Kartra offers many samples of sales funnel that written by frank kearn himself.

Frank also, lets you know why he wrote this type of funnels text to help you understand copywritting better.

Also, you can use pop-up feature in your pages.

While kartra’s page builder pretty nice compare to many other sales funnel builders platforms, still some features need improvement for better functionality.

3. Split testing

Split testing feature allows you to build two different pages and,both will show to browsers randomly , the faster loading page wins the test.

Kartra offers a great split testing feature with a great flexibilty about how you can test your pages.

4.Products and carts

Kartra review

The main reason to invest in sales funnel builders is to sell your products and, services online.

Kartra offers products and, carts feature to help you sell your products and, services effectively.

There are two options when you want to add a product, one choice is to create your main product,and, the second choice is to upsell or, downsell a product.

If you are not familiar with upsell or, downsell terms.

This simply means that when someone purchases the first product before they finish checking

out and, pay they will receive an offer of another product will lower price if they buy or, not they

will receive another offer of another product with a different price may be lower or, higher.

The first offer is called upsell and, the second called downsell. This is one of the best benefits of using funnels because you can’t do this with a normal website.


5.Affiliate program

For each product you to the platform you can create affiliate portal to that product to allow affiliate marketers promote it for you and get commission, when they make a sale.

You can track affiliate information and,see number of referrals they get, and, payout history.

6.Email marketing integration


Katra has an advanced autoresponder tool for email marketing, automation, tagging, sequences, and, more.

Kartra’s email marketing tool competes big email marketing platforms such as acivecampaign, MailChip, and, convertkit.

The problem with kartra’s email marketing autoresponder they give you limited leads, for starter plan ony 2500 lead.

If you want to more then you’ll have to upgrade to higher plan.

To start using the autoresponder all you need to do is put your leads in CSV file and, import them to your email list.




email automation

Automation workflow builder or, a sequence builder allows you to create automation sequence.

The tool is quit difficult to use as adding elements or changing can be a little time consuming.


9.Marketing campaigns


Kartra offers pre -build marketing campaign templates that made by well known marketers like frank kern.

Also, you a choice of creating your campaign from scratch if you have the tech skills.

If you want to choose one of the pre-made campaigns just click on the campaign template and you’ll see a video tells you about the goals of that campaign.

Also, you can import a campaign to your account if you have one.


10.Kartra marketplace

Kartra marketplace

Using kartra marketplace you can share your marketing campaigns with other kartra users and,

this will give an idea of different campaigns that may fit your business better, but you might be asked to pay an extra fee.

It can be a great way to discover new marketing campaigns that can increase your profits.

Even you can sell your campaigns by adding them to the market place in a relevant category.


11.Opt-In forms

optin forms

You can use these opt-in forms to collect leads,even if you are a beginner to opt-in pages.

The form builder has the same interface as the rest of tools in the platform which makes it easy to use.

There are plenty of pre-built templates to use in your opt-in pages.

You can use single or, double optin options in your lead captures pages.

Opt-in form allows only simple changes.


Let’s see the types of opt-in forms.

Smart opt-in forms


Kartra has smart opt-in forms which can track the visitors when they visit the page and save their information.

It means that these forms use cookies to help you know your visitors’ behavior better.

This can help you get more leads,by retargeting your visitors.


Embedding forms


You can use these types of forms in your website to collect leads by taking a piece of code of kartra and, embed it into your website then the form will appear there.

If you use kartra soley you don’t have to use these forms.

But, it’s a little tedious to split testing these forms ,or,you can’t easily split test thes opt-in forms, not like other emailmarketing platforms.


Generally speaking kartra’s opt-in forms do a fantastic job in building high converting landing pages.


12.Video hosting

video hosting

Kartra also, offers video hosting services tohelp you upload your vidoes and, use them in your sales pages.

It’s well known that videos are the best when it comes to marketing and, driving sales.

People engage with videos more than any other types of content.

If you have high quality vidoes you can increase your conversion rate tremendiously.

When you upload your videos to your kartra’s account you can embed them into several platforms like WordPress blogs, membership areas, sales pages and, more.

The video hosting platform has a pop up fetaure which will appear while the video is playing.

There are video storage limits you have a silver plan you’ll have 125GB to play videos.

And, this space maybe not enough for some businesses.

If you use the silver plan try to upload your most important videos first.

The second bad point is you need to compress your videos before upload them to your account, this might decrease the quality of your videos.


13.Kartra memberships

kartra membership site

Kartra memberships feature is helpful for content creators, coaches, courses sellers, and, people who pulish premium content or, group coaching program.


It allows you to share your courses, coaching, and, training materials with your clients.

It offers a drag and drop feature to create your membership area, many ready templates to use.

You can upload your videos,files and, audio to your site area.

Progess tracking feature.

14.Kartra helpdesk

kartra review

The helpdesk helps you to create deskspaces to receive quetions from your customers regarding your products or, services.

These questions will help you a lot to know the strong and the weak points of your products to make them better.

And, to know more about your customers’ needs to solve their problems and, build trust.

You can receive the questions in many different ways via tickets, phone call, live chat, or,Skype.

You can track the tickets based on their status maybe(opened, waiting, or, resolved).

This helps you a lot and allows you to manage your business easily.

And, more.

Kartra pricing

As, any platform kartra also, offers several plans .

  1. Starter plan

$99 a month

  • Gives you 2,500 Leads
  • One custom domain
  • Send 15,000 emails /mo
  • 50 GB bandwidth
  • Create 100 pages
  • Host up to 50 videos
  • 20 products to sell
  • build 2 membership sites
  • Add one additionalteam member
  • Connect 1 helpdesk.


2. Silver plan

$199 a month

  • You can add up to  12,500 Leads
  • Up to 3 custom domains to connect
  • Send Unlimited emails to your list
  • limitless storage space.
  • limitless sales pages
  • Host unlimited videos
  • unlimited products to sell
  • Build unlimited membership sites
  • Add unlimited team members to your account
  • Use unlimited helpdesks
  • Build an Agency.


3.Gold plan

$299 a month

  • Add up to 25,000 Leads
  • You’ll 5 custom domains to connect
  • You can send unlimited emails
  • You can use unlimited storage space.
  • Build unlimited sales pages
  • You can host unlimited videos
  • Add and, sell unlimited products
  • Create unlimited membership areas.
  • Add unlimited team members to your account.
  • Use unlimited helpdesks
  • Kartra agency included.



$499 a month.

  • Add up to 50,000 Leads
  • Connect up to 10 custom domains
  • You can send unlimited emails
  • Use unlimited storage space
  • Create unlimited sales pages
  • You can host unlimited videos
  • Add and, sell unlimited products
  • Create unlimited membership areas.
  • Add unlimited team members
  • Connect unlimited helpdesks
  • Kartra Agency included.


Kartra’s Pros and Cons


  • All -in- platform offers a lot of tools.
  • Video hosting
  • Email marketing tool.
  • Advanced platform.


  • A little Expensive compare to other funnel builders like Builderall.
  • Very few leads in start plan.
  • Pages load a bit slow.
  • Website builder needs improve.



#3. Clickfunnels Review: Create high converting sales funnels.

best sales funnel builders
best sales funnel builders

Clickfunnels is a digital marketing and, sales funnel builder software.

If you want to launch an online business or, already have one and, want to take it the next level,

then you a platform like clickfunnels to make your marketing easy and, effective.

The software was created in 2014, by one of the most successful online marketers called Russell Brunson.

Now he is teaching people how to master funnel building and, scale their businesses in live training for 30 days, the training program called One funnel away challenge.


Sales funnel takes your customers through a journey and, guides them step- by step by teaching them about your product or, service and, it can help the.

Till they make a purchase.This called sales funnel journey.

Clickfunnels will help you to automate your business by using proven sales funnels and, you can focus on doing other tasks.


What is clickfunnels used for?


You can clickfunnels to create

  • landing pages

  • sales funnels.

  • webinars,

  • Membership sites,

  • Regular websites

  • lead magents.


You can build all of these pages and, funnels without tech skills even if you are completely beginner, because the platform is drag and, drop builder.

You will find

  • Drag and, drop page builder
  • Done for you pre-made templates in many niches.
  • Integrations
  • Video tutorial to guide step by step how to use the platform.


Clickfunnels helps entrpreneurs and, online marketers to grow their brand, generate more leads and, revenuse using webinars.

The platform has over 130K active users.It’s one of the most popular funnel builders in the market.

Clickfunnels offers a 14 days free trial and get access to the all tools and features to check it first before you pay for it.

This trial gives more confidence about the platform and, to discover how it can help you grow online.

The software works best for people who want to start and, scale their business easily and, fast

by creating automated webinars, high converting sales funnels, lead captures to collect leads and, drive more sales.

It fits for people who don’t have any tech skills and, want to use funnels and, webinars in thier businesses.

Beside all these tools and, features Clickfunnes also, offers other products to help you grow your business.

Some products like.

One funnel away challenge it’s a 30 days live training program with Russell and, other choaches.

Two comma club

Funnel hacking

Webinar script to help you create webinras

In addition to that clickfunnels has a lot of templates include

  • Freelancer sales funnels templates
  • Agencies templates
  • Ecommerce stores templates

And, more in many niches.


Why are sales funnels important?

best sales funnel builders

There are several steps you should walk your customers through to convert them into buyers these include

  • Awareness: You should tell your audience that you are exist and, offer this product or, service. You can promote your products and, services organically or using paid advertising.


  • Interest: while you are promoting your products you can gather information about the people who show interest in your products by using pexil in your sales funnel.


Decision: By retargeting the people who have reacted to your ads, or, enter their emails you can easily convince them to make a purchase because each time you want to retarget them

you will create a new ad format and, to explain more the benefits of your product and, how it can help them solve their problems.

Action: After these steps, your customers will come to the final step of taking actions and make a purchase.

Sales funnels will help in this journey of converting visitors into customers.


Are sales funnels really effective?


best sales funnel builders

Almost 96% of your website’s visitors don’t buy or, take any action for the first time.

Over 60% of people want to hear about your offer 3-5 times and, receive emails that teaching them more about the offer and, how it can help them.

Over 40% of people give up after their first attempt.

The source of these stats marketo site.

ClickFunnels features

best sales funnel builders

Clickfunnels is specifically for building high converting sales funnels, and, scaling businesses.

For creating funnels clickfunnels could be the best software.

Now let’s the most important clickfunnels’ features.

1. Funnel templates


best sales funnel builders
best sales funnel builders

Clickfunnels offers over 20 sales funnel templates that ready to be used.And, has a marketplace with many templates created by users and, the platform.

These templates in different niches. You can filter themby niche or, goal.

There are simple funnels that any person can use and, complex funnels for expertise people in funnels building.

complex funnels like.

  • Sequeeze funnel to collect email addressese.
  • Up-sell funnels when a customer makes a purchase of one of your products you can use this funnel to up-sell them more products.


  • Cancellation funnels if any problem occurs during the purchasing process you can trigger a survey and, save it.

And, a lot more,

You don’t have to use all these types of funnel just test different variation and, pick up the best working funnel.

Also, as I’ve said they have a full training program will teach how to build different types of funnels.

2. Drag and, drop editor

best sales funnel builders
best sales funnel builders

Using drag and, drop builder you can build your entire pages and, funnels from scratch in a few minutes.

Drag and, drop builder is one of the best clickfunnels’s features.

3. Mobile optimization


Using mobile optimization feature will let you create fast loading sales pages to collect more leads.

4.Actionetics follow-up funnels

best sales funnel builders

The best way to convert your leads into buyers you should follow up with them constantly.

Almost 80% of sales require 3-4 follow up to make a sale.

The people who are using clickfunnels know this feature well, and, offer actionetics automated follow up funnels.

Clickfunnels allows you to send follow up messages, either emails or, even text.

 5.Funnel Flix

clickfunnels review

Funnel Flix is a version of Netflix contains videos and, tutorials to help you create your first sales funnels and, understand the platform better.

Also, contains videos about

  • Traffic secrets Russell Brunson wrote books about traffic, marketing funnels ,and,network marketing.
  • Business plans
  • Bootcamp program.


6.Smart shopping carts


Shopping carts help you understand your client’s purchasing pattern to follow up with them even after they’ve abandoned their carts.

7.Membership builder.

best sales funnel builders

Clickfunnels offers drag and, drop membership area builder if you want to create membership website for some of your products.

8.A/B testing 


You’ll need to create several landing pages with different headlines and, images to test which one works the best, you can recognize the best landing page by doing A/B testing to test many variations.

Using A/B testing you can test

  • Images
  • videos
  • Headlines
  • Text copy
  • Buttons

More such as colors, text size and, so on.


9.Powerful analytics


When you send traffic to your sales page or, funnel you need to know the performance of your funnels to optimize them for more conversions.

Clickfunnels gives important metrics include

  • Pageviews
  • Opt-in rate
  • sales
  • Earnings


10.ClickFunnels Integrations

best sales funnel builders

Clickfunnels integrates many other marketing tools to help marketers and, business owners manage their businesses from one place.

These tools include email marketing tools, SMS, and, actions.

  • Use Active Campaign platform
  • Link Aweber to your clickfunnels account.
  • Connect Constant Contact
  • Use Convertkit
  • GetResponse

And, other marketing platforms also.


11. Learning materials

best sales funnel builders

Clickfunnels has a lot of training programs to help you be professional in business and,

marketing including one funnel away challenge is a 30 days live training program to teach how to build converting sales funnels whatever is your niche.


Also, this training gives you access into many successful entrepreneurs stories and, tell you what they would do in 30 days to rebuild their businesses if they lost everything.


12.Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook


Funnel Hacker’s cookbook explains you step by step how to choose your funnel according to your niche and, set it up.Also, there are videos teach you how to build your first sales funnel.

Who is clickfunnels for?

best sales funnel builders
best sales funnel builders

Clickfunnels can be useful for anyone has a business either online business or, local business.

And, it fits better for:

1.People who want to start a business either online or, offline and, don’t have tech skills about funnels and, creating websites.

There are many marketing tools to help you scale your business, normally you will need a lot of coding and, developing experience to build and, manage your business.


But using software like clickfunnels you don’t have to have any tech skills to start and, integrate

your business,because clickfunnels provides you with the most important tools and, features to kickoff your business.


As, a freelancer you need a great sales funnel to collect leads and, market your services,

clickfunnels will help you build and, integrate your funnel with other marketing tools such email marketing,

payment gates easily, and, spend your time focus on your main project instead of wasting time building a traditional website.


3.Coaches and consultants

A lot of people in diffent industries moved thier businesses into clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels provides all the needed tools and, features for any business owner doesn’t matter the type of business they have.

People who actively using clickfunnels include:

  • Info products,
  • coaching and, consulating,
  • Ecommerce
  • , agency/freelancer,
  • network marketing,
  • local small business
  • B2B
  • Blooging and, affiliate marketing.
  • Non- profit


Clickfunnels pricing


Clickfunnels offers two plans

Basic plan costs $97 a month if you pay monthly and, $997 if you pay annually in case of you pay annually you’ll get two months free.

This plan includes

You can create Up to 20 sales funnels

You can creaer Up to 100 landing pages

Only 1 user or, one account allowed in this plan.

You can use 3 payment gateways to integrate into your business.

Connect up to 3 domains.

Get Chat support if needed.

You’ll have Access to the Funnel Hacker forum and Funnel Flix.


The second plan is palatinum plan

$297 per month if you pay monthly and, $2,997 if you pay annually.Also in case of you pay annually you’ll get two months free.

This plan includes:

You can build Unlimited sales funnels.

Create unlimited landing pages.

You can add up to 3 users to you account.

You can itegrate up to 9 different payment gateways

Connect up to 9 domains to your websites and funnels.

You can build unlimited follow-up funnels

You’ll have the Priority of getting support

Attend Live funnel coaching

Access to Funnel Hacker forum and Funnel Flix with additional courses and materials.

Clickfunnels pros and, cons



  1. Fantastic sales funnels.
  2. Drag and, drop editor
  3. A/B testing
  4. Many integrations of marketing platforms.




  1. 1.No email marketing autoresponder included in the plans you have to use an external email autoresponder and, this is costly.
  2. limited funnels and , pages
  3. The prices are too much there are many platforms cheaper and, with more features such as Builderall.


#4 GetResponseReview: Email Marketing & Sales funnels Platform



GetResponse is all-in- one email marketing and, funnels builder platform to build and, automate your online business.


The platform not only for sending emails but also, for creating sales funnels, landing pages, lead magent, push notifications, webinars, registeration forms and, much more.

It’s all in one place matketing softare.


GetResponse Features


1.Email marketing


GetResponse Review

You can use GetResponse to send thousands of emails to your customers and, promote your offers, create lead capture to collect leads from your visitors.


Send out tons of automated emails you’ll need to set them up once and, the system will deliver your message.

GetResponse gives you a lot of pre-made templates to use in your emails letters, also, you can create from scratch.


These templates include many niches so, you can select the right template for your email campaign and, customize it according to your offer.

You can create email campaigns from scratch by drag and, drop, and, add elements,colors, size,and, more.

There’s also, an ecommerce block where you can put your product box or, save pre- made templates.

After you finined your email campaign design you need to schedule it. When do you want to send it to your subcribers.


2.GetResponse Autoresponders

Autoresponder allows you to create and, send a series of emails to different group of subscribers automatically.

Create your first email sequence and select a list to send this campaign to.

Then determine the date and,time or, if you want to send it immedaitely also, you can do.

When you couple autoresponder with the marketing automation feature will do well.

You can set up an automatic submission based on when the subscribers joined your email list.


3.Email analytics

best sales funnel builders

To improve your email marketing campaigns you need to know the performance and, the analytics of your campaign.

You need to test out and, see which email campaign performing well, even sometimes you may

think that one of your campaign but your subscribers may not see it as attractive as you thought.

Campaign’s anayltics helps you to see the performance of your campaign open rate, click rate,unsubscribed rate, how many emails have been delivered, and, so on.


After you see all these metrics you can determine your campaign’s success rate and, how you

can improve the following campaigns by using different templates, text, call to action, an so on.


4.Publish posts automatically

Sales funnel builders
best sales funnel builders

GetResponse offers great feature of publishing your content to your blog, facebook page, and,twitter.

You can schedule your posts daily, weekly, or,monthly to send them automatically to your social media channels.

Send notifications immediately to your audience to bring them back to your blog. This notification feature will help double your traffic.


5.List management

best sales funnel builders
best sales funnel builders


When you create an email list you need to add people who are interested in your offers to enage

with your emails and, purchase your products that why you should organize your lists according to subscribers’ interest.

GetResponse list management helps you do this by segementing and, adding some conditions

to your subscribers to ensure they are hyper targeted.

From your list management dashboard you can track each person’s action whether they open the message or, click a link to learn more about them.


6.Transactional emails

If you are running an ecommerce business you need more information about your website’s visitors not only to get leads.

You need to track them and, what they’ve taken whether a purchase or, just sign up.

Using GetResponse transactional email you can link API or, SMTP and, send transactional emails to your leads.

You can analyzie campaign’s performance to maximize your sales.


7.Sign-up forms

GetResponse gives you a lot of pre-made sign up templates to choose from according to your niche.

These forms to collect leads and build your email list to promote your offers later.

After you selecting a template you can edit it as you want to change headlines, colors, size and, so on.


8.Landing pages

Sales funnel builders

GetResponse offers a drag and, drop landing pages and, funnels builder, to create landing paes that convert you visitors into leads then, into sales.

You can build landing pages using pre-built templates and, drag an, drop editor to customize them as you like.

Also, you can use A/B testing to test different types of landing pages and, pick the page works the best.

A/B testing very improtant in any sales page or, funnel to avoid losing money in pages that don’t convert well.

After you finished your landing page you can connect it to your own domain or, just use the default one by GetResponse.

Creating stunning landing pages and, driving high quality traffic will bring you huge results.

You can get images from Shutterstock and GIFs from Giphy to use them in your landing pages for better conversion.

Use pop up in your landing pages to increase registeration and, sales.

Use countdown timer to evoke curiosity and, urgency of discount.


9.Marketing Automation

best sales funnel builders

Marketing automation is one of the best GetResponse’s features, this allows to create

“If” ‘Then’ rules in your email campaigns. It means if someone clicks a specific link they should be directed to a specific page.

This target your audience according to thier interest , rather than sending them the same offer for every one.

For instance if someone doesn’t open the messages for a week this should receive a different follow up emails than a person who did.

Using these automation sequences you can bring customers back again and, again, send emails to people who abandon carts in your sales pages.

To set up automation follow up messages using drag and, drop builder you need to go to the

automation area, then select a workflow there are many workflows to choose from.Or,you build your won workflow from scratch.

For instance

If you want to:

1.Send a welcome message to your email list introducing your self and, teach them how to do specific thing related to your offer,after they sign up via a specific form.


2.If they click a link you can tag them and, add them in an automatic email and, give more value about your offer and, how it can help them.

To create an automation you’ll need two things.

1.Conditions: conditions mean when a person takes a specific action like clicks a link, signs up.

2.Actions: actions mean what’s going to happen after a visitors clicked a link or, signed up , It could be to send them to another page with a different offer.

To create your automated workflow you just need to connect conditions and, actions together in a visual friendly interface.

You can trigger people by conditions such as:

  • If someone Subscribed to your list
  • Clicks a specific link
  • Opens a specific message
  • Visits a specific page on your website
  • If they Send a message
  • If Makes a purchase for ecommerce business.


Then the actions will be like.

  • An automated message will be sent to them offering a specific thing.
  • Add A custom field will appear asking them for specific action ( choose something).
  • Add a tag

  • Automatically move this person to a new list

  • Automatically move this person to a new automation workflow

  • Add more tags again.

  • Build automated events that related to you customer’s actions and, interest.

  • Create and, run scripts based on selected conditions like “if “then” rules to maximize conversions

  • Use filters for hyper targeting and, much more.


You can itegrate GetResponse with over 150 applications and,platforms such as CRM, CMS, and, ecommerce business services.

It provides users with video tutorial to teach them how to use the platform and, get started.

Webinars and events for constant educationand,interaction.

In depth courses about how to set up marketing automation campaigns, email campaigns, webinars marketing for better results, and, landing pages optimization.



Sales funnel builders

Webinar is one of the best ways to automate your business and, generate tons of leads.

GetResponse offers webinar creating tool to increase enagement and, conversions.

You can create a live webinar or recorded webinar.

Webinars ar effective because you’ll give a lot of value to help your audience solve problems before you offer themyour product and, that will build trust.

A lot of big brand use webinars to collect leads and, even sales.

Webinar Features:

Record a webinar with simply one click.

nO need to set up any tool it’s a cloud-based software

Easily embed your videos either from YouTube or, other sources

utilize whiteboards to explain and, draw

Quickly share your screen with the audience.

Ask concerns to your audience and, answer their concerns to engage with them.

include a call to action button while the webinar going to offer your products.

Establish pointers, invites and, more.

Use analytics to analyze typical attendance time, kinds of devices they used, viewers’ area of your clients and, more.

Use Evergreen webinars for your offers.

You have an option to make your webinar free or paid.(most webinars are free).


12.Sales funnels

best sales funnel builders

GetResponse gives you the ability to create sales funnels and sell your products or, collects leads.

It has many templates you can choose from, or, start building your funnel from scratch by selecting a blank template and customize it as you would like.

Sales funnels are great to scale your business.



Sales funnel builders
best sales funnel builders

You can use GetResponse for your ecommerce business, you can connect your ecommerce store to GetResponse.

And, import your products from different eCommerce platforms including Shopify, Magento, Esty, BIGcommerce, Stripe, and, woocommerce.

GetResponse also, offers ecommerce plugins to add products to your GetResponse account, see bestsellers and, take action.

You can automatically submit offers for high conversions.

You can store all your products in GetResponse any type of products it could be physical products,online courses, ebooks, webinars, and, more.

GetResponse allows you to process payment from your landing pages by connecting your Square account.

Stripe, PayPal, BlueSnap, Yandex, Qiwi or PayU account and sell your products directly on landing pages no need to go anywhere.

Using GetResponse you can manage your ecommerce business from one place, send collect and, send emails, receive payment, create your store and, much more.


GetResponse allows you to use automated data from your store to track your customer’s

behavior and, offer them new products by adding a recommendation module to your emails.

Turn abandoned carts into purchases by using GetResponse’s reminder

People who just browsing your products without purchasing you can send them automatic reminders to bring them back to your store and, increase your earnings.

GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse offers three plans

  1. Basic plan

  1.  Email marketing campaigns
  2.  Autoresponder for sending emails
  3.  Unlimited Landing pages for your offers
  4.  One sales funnel
  5. Unlimited lead magnet for collecting leads
  6. Facebook ads integration.
  7. Google ads integration.
  8. Chats.

Pricing for this plan’

$15 a month for 1000 subscribers.

$25 a month for 2500 subscribers.

$45 a month for 5000 subscribers.

$65 a month for 10000 subscribers.

$145 a month for 25000 subscribers.

$250 a month for 50000 subscribers

$450 a month for 100000 subscribers.


Plus plan


  1. Includes everthing in the basic plan plus
  2. You can use the automation builder to creaet up to 5 workflows.
  3. You can create Webinars for up to 100 attendees.
  4. You’ll have Contact scoring & tagging feature.
  5. You can create up to 5 sales funnels.
  6. You can add up to 3 users to your account.
  7. Create up to 5 webinar funnels.

The pricing for this plan.

$49 a month for 1000 subscribers.

$59 a month for 2500 subscribers.

$79 a month for 5000 subscribers.

$95 a month for 10000 subscribers.

$179 a month for 25000 subscribers.

$299 a month for 50000 subscribers.

$499 a month for 100000 subscribers.

Sales funnel builders

Professional Plan

  1. Includes everything in plus more.
  2. Create limitless automations.
  3. Use web push notifications in your website.
  4. Set up paid webinars
  5. Build webinars for up to 300 attendees.
  6. Unlimited sales funnels
  7. Unlimited webinar funnels for your offers.
  8. Add up to 5 users to your account.
  9. On demand webinar

The pricing for this plan.

$99 a month for 1000 subscribers.

$119 a month for 2500 subscribers.

$139 a month for 5000 subscribers.

$165 a month for 10000 subscribers.

$255 a month for 25000

$370 a month for subscribers.

$580 a month for subscribers.

GetResponse Pros and, cons.


  1. 30 days free trail no credit card required.
  2. You can import contacts from third party platform like magento.
  3. Easy to use all in one marketing platfrom.
  4. Drag and, drop landing pages and, sales funnel builder.
  5. Great list management tools.


  1. The prices are a little high.
  2. landing pages and, sales funnels are not free.


Sales funnel builders


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