Mangools Review: Does It Help In Ranking?

Mangools Review

Mangools Review

This is my Review of the SEO tool Mangools.

In this Review I’ll do a deep-dive into what this tool provides, consisting of:

Best (and worst) functions
An evaluation of their assistance
How the tool works
How Mangools compares to other paid SEO tools (like Ahrefs).
Lots more.
If you’re thinking about signing up for Mangools, this evaluation ought to assist you with your choice.

Let’s leap right in.


What Is Mangools?

Mangools Review

Mangools is an SEO software that helps you to find low competition keywords to rank for.

It consists of five tools

  • KWFinder
  • SERPChecker
  • SERPWatcher
  • LinkMiner
  • SiteProfiler


When you log in to Mangools, you’ll see

And you can access each of the 5 apps through this page.

You likewise can see the number of SERPs, keywords, and backlinks that you can search for under your existing strategy (I have a Mangools Premium account).


Mangools Review


KWFinder Keyword Research Tool


KWFinder is Mangools’ premiere feature. And it’s the tool that most people try first.

KWFinder is Mangools’ best function. And it’s the tool that the majority of individuals attempt.

KWFinder works like practically any other keyword tool out there: Type in a keyword and get statistics (like search volume and CPC) on that keyword.

In general, the tips that KWFinder spits out are extremely excellent. In my experience, the majority of keyword research study tools simply divided out variations of the exact same keyword.

And yes, KWFinder does create great deals of associated terms.

To me, these “lateral” keywords are very important. Since they offer you keywords and subjects that you may now have actually been able to come up with on your own.

Yeah, KWFinder does a great task at producing intriguing keyword concepts. Which is terrific.

That stated:

It does not produce as many keyword tips regarding its rivals, like Ahrefs and SEMrush.

When we did a massive analysis of popular keyword tools, we discovered that KWFinder ranked at the bottom of the pack in terms of keyword ideas.




All in all, I’d state that KWFinder does a great task at creating quality keyword tips. Despite the fact that it might not produce as numerous keyword concepts as a few of the other tools on the marketplace.

You can likewise browse by domain. When you do, KWFinder will produce a list of keywords that the website ranks for in Google.

Once again, this is now a basic function in a lot of keyword research study tools. It is a useful method to come up with keyword concepts. And it works well here.

Another thing that I wish to mention about KWFinder: its UI is REALLY great.

They’ve created the tool to make it incredibly simple to scan a list of keywords, get a SERP breakdown of everyone, and sort the list by various metrics.


Yeah, I believe that KWFinder is strong. It’s best up there with the keyword research study tools that you’d discover in Moz Pro and Ahrefs.


SERPChecker Keyword Difficulty Tool


Besides the basic things (like a Keyword Difficulty rating), you likewise get a complete breakdown of every page that’s ranking for that keyword.

Particularly, you can see each page’s Page Authority, Majestic SEO Trust Flow, Alexa ranking, and more.

SERPChecker likewise has actually something called “SERP Features Impact”.

This is Mangools’ method of determining how congested Google’s very first page is. And the number of clicks those functions are most likely to steal from the natural outcomes.

The more advertisements, video outcomes, and other SERP functions are on the very first page, the higher this number will be.

And if you struck the “photo” tab, you can in fact see the very first page results for that keyword.

That way, you can turn back in between the SERP breakdown and how the outcomes in fact search for real-life users.

This is a fantastic little function.

Often when I do keyword research study I have one tab open for the tool and the other tab on Google. That way, I can look for the keyword and SEE the search engine result as a user would.

With the “Snapshot” function, I can do that from within the tool.

SERP analysis, you can likewise compare a page from your website with the SERPs.
Yeah, I believe that SERPChecker does a strong task of assisting you to size up the competitors.

My one concern is: why does this requirement be a different tool? I like breaking down the SERPs as much as the next person.

Is it actually needed to see each page’s Trust Flow, Domain Authority, and Facebook shares? Is that actually going to assist me to choose the very best keyword from the list?

Yeah, I believe this function does some cool things. I’m not sure how useful it is.


SERPWatcher Rank Tracker Tool


Truthfully, there isn’t much to state about the rank tracking tool.

It’s okay or anything. It’s simply really comparable to essentially every other rank tracker on the marketplace.

Like the majority of rank trackers, you provide it a list of keywords.

You can likewise tag keywords to mark essential keywords … or keywords that fall under a specific classification (like eCommerce classification pages).



LinkMiner Backlink Analysis Tool


LinkMiner Backlink Analysis Tool


Unlike Moz, SEMrush, and Ahrefs, Mangools does not have its own link index. Rather, they utilize the Majestic SEO API.

I’ve seen lots of smaller-sized tools attempt to construct their own link index. And their backlink checkers end up being quite lousy.

Yeah, even though Majestic SEO’s link index isn’t my favorite. It is strong.

This suggests that you can rely on the link information that you get in Mangools.

Like many link analysis tools, you can see a list of backlinks indicating a whole domain or a particular URL.

And sort the outcomes based upon nofollow/dofollow, Citation Flow, or Alexa ranking.

SiteProfiler SEO Metrics Breakdown

And get a lot of metrics (like the variety of backlinks and overall Facebook shares) on that website.

That’s generally it.

I actually do not get why this function exists. It’s mainly simply information that’s currently incorporated into other functions in the Mangools platform.

Sure, you do some distinct things, like see a website’s leading material.

In my viewpoint, that’s something that belongs in their LinkMiner app. Not as a different function.

In general, I do not believe this function includes a great deal of value.



Mangools Browser Extension


Mangools likewise has a Chrome and Firefox web browser extension.

When you have actually a paid account, you can break down a website’s link authority, backlinks, and more.

This is terrific if you run into a page or website that you desire to break down. You do not desire to open Mangools, click on “LinkMiner”, copy and paste the URL, and so on

Thinking about that Mangools is rather a bit more affordable than the majority of other tools (more on that later), it is a great little reward to have an internet browser extension.



Mangools Support


The support in mangools is live chat support they will answer all your questions.


Mangools Review: Pricing


As you can see, their prices vary from $30-$80/month.

You get access to the very same functions no matter what strategy you choose. The only distinction is the variety of searches, SERP lookups, tracked keywords, and backlink rows that you can examine.


 Check it here



(They likewise have yearly strategies where you can conserve about 40% vs. month-to-month billing).

If you run a single website, Mangools Basic might suffice for you. If you’re a firm owner or somebody that has a portfolio of various websites, then you most likely desire to go with the Mangools Premium or Mangools Agency plan.

Mangools Review: Things I Liked


Here are the important things in the Mangools tool that I liked the most:

Relieve of Use: Mangools has a really easy-to-use UI. All of their buttons and labels are big and simple to check out.

Worth: 30 dollars each month for a feature-rich tool like Mangools is a good deal. Specifically, since you get access to the exact same link index that you’d get with a Majestic SEO membership … however with a 100x much better UI.

Cool Features: For a budget plan tool, Mangools has a couple of handy functions. My favorite was their Website Preview function.

Mangools Review: Things I Didn’t Like


Now it’s time for me to highlight a couple of things that I felt Mangools might do better.

Their Apps Don’t Integrate: Using Mangools seems like you’re utilizing 5 entirely various tools.

Due to the fact that you are.

When you click on one of their apps, it opens in a brand-new tab.

Contrast that with something like Ahrefs, where whatever is incredibly incorporated. With an incorporated function set like Ahrefs, you can go from link analysis to keyword research study to SEO website audits with one click.

Absence of a True Dashboard: It’s SUPER valuable to have a control panel that notes all of the sites that you handle in one location.

My Mangools Review: The Bottom Line


Whether you opt for Mangools depends upon who you are. And just how much you need to invest in SEO.

If you’re a blog writer or somebody that does SEO on the side, you might not have a substantial SEO tool budget plan. And if you are on a tight spending plan, you can squeeze a great deal of worth out of Mangools.

At 30 dollars a month you get access to A LOT of important functions for a keyword research study, backlink analysis, and more.

That stated: you can’t truly compare Mangools to Ahrefs or SEMrush: the two finest SEO tools on the marketplace. They’re in various leagues.

Yes, you can constantly invest more and register for Mangools Premium. The tool does not enhance at each tier. You simply get access to more information.

If you’re an SEO specialist, you’re far better off investing the additional money on Ahrefs or SEMrush. These 2 tools might be more costly than Mangools, however, they are far more feature-rich than Mangools.

Bottom Line? If you’re on a minimal budget plan, or if SEO isn’t that huge of an offer for your service, Mangools is certainly sufficient.

If SEO is extremely crucial for your company, I would not advise Mangools. I’d choose Ahrefs, SEMrush, or Moz Pro.

If you’re a blog writer or somebody that does SEO on the side, you might not have a big SEO tool budget plan. And if you are on a tight spending plan, you can squeeze a lot of worth out of Mangools. Yes, you can constantly invest more and sign up for Mangools Premium.

 Mangools Review: Now It’s Your Turn


There you have it: my total Review of Mangools.

Now I’d like to hear about your experience with this tool.

Have you tried this SEO tool before? If so, how did you like it?

Or possibly you have a concern about my evaluation.

In any case, let me understand by leaving a remark listed below.


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