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amazon handmade

Looking for a method to get to millions of prospective clients for your handmade goods? Amazon handmade offers a one-of-a-kind, artisan-only system that enables musicians to increase their consumer base to Amazon’s enormous reach– all while following their passion.

What is Amazon Handmade?

Amazon Handmade is an artisan-only neighborhood on Amazon where musicians and crafters can sell their unique, distinctive products to consumers all over the world. Handmade accounts stand out from normal Amazon vendor accounts and also business version is different from various other approaches of selling on Amazon.

Whatever is sold on Handmade should be handmade, hand-altered, or hand-assembled; no mass-produced products are permitted to be sold in the industry.

Some instances of products that are used on Amazon Handmade consist of:

  • Handmade cutting boards
  • Abstract art
  • Pottery
  • Crochet purses
  • Grain bracelets
  • Soap
  • Bathroom bombs
  • Pillowcases And also much more!


amazon handmade


Exactly how Amazon Handmade works:

Getting started selling on Amazon Handmade is a relatively easy procedure:

You hand-make your products. You or a participant of your team should handcraft every product you sell on Amazon Handmade.

Fill in an application and address a number of concerns concerning your business to show that you are a qualified Handmade vendor. (More details below).

Determine how you wish to satisfy your Amazon orders.

With Amazon Handmade, you have the choice to make use of Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) approach, which is when you ship your products to an Amazon warehouse, your items become Prime eligible, and also Amazon will certainly package and also ship any orders you get for you.

You may likewise select to deliver the order yourself from your stockroom or location using Amazon’s Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) method.

Your clients receive your gorgeous handmade products and you grow your business! Should you sell on Amazon Handmade?

Advantages and disadvantages of Amazon Handmade.


Huge reach: Amazon has 3.1 billion regular monthly checkouts, and 90% of all U.S. customers have actually gone shopping on the platform. (In reality, 88% of U.S. Amazon buyers make acquisitions on Amazon at the very least each month). In other words, if you’re selling online, you intend to be selling on Amazon.

Price: Amazon Handmade does not bill listing charges. There’s simply a 15% cost per sale (which some vendors think about as a “con”), and also an accurate failure of charges in your Manage Inventory dashboard.

There’s additionally no registration charge, unlike Seller Central’s $40/month charge.

Exclusivity: Amazon Handmade is “artisan-only,” meaning Amazon has an application process to guarantee products are in fact handmade by the person or company offering them, as well as supporting those standards as well as assumptions so consumers understand they are purchasing top quality handmade products.

Pros of Amazon Handmade Handmade’s standalone system additionally divides it from other products listed on Amazon, providing more exclusivity to the consumer experience.

Customizable: With Amazon Handmade, sellers are able to produce a customized store account to flaunt all their products, and also they can create a craftsmen profile to share the tale of the person behind the art.

Handmade vendors can likewise use tailored products.

Easy fulfillment & Amazon Prime: If you opt to market Amazon FBA (described over), Amazon will certainly fulfill and also deliver your orders for you. And also, you can have that coveted Amazon Prime badge on your listing.

Additionally, you can opt to deliver orders on your own with Amazon FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant). Other advantages to selling on Amazon Handmade are that your listings do not run out and you don’t require UPC codes to market.


User-unfriendly dashboard: The attributes and detailing functions in Amazon Seller Central is not outlined along with they are on Etsy, and also there are a variety of components that may overwhelm new sellers who do not know just how to browse it yet.

Slow application procedure: Amazon desires you to confirm you are in fact making your products (not having them produced) so it might take up to 2 weeks to get authorized to sell on Handmade.

Postponed payment: You make money when you marked the order as delivered. And after that, you require to wait on the money to be deposited.

Limited range: Amazon Handmade just enables you to market in the adhering to 14 product categories.

  • Devices.
  • Artwork.
  • Baby.
  • Appeal & Personal Care.
  • Apparel.
  • Shoes & Handbags.
  • House.
  • Outdoor & Home Care.
  • Precious jewelry & Watches.
  • Kitchen area & Dining. Pet dog Supplies.
  • Sporting Goods.
  • Stationery & Party Supplies.
  • Toys & Games.


Limited client interaction: Just like selling on Amazon as a private label or other sellers, Amazon stops you from accessing your consumer data, so you can not, as an example, construct an email list for your brand from your Amazon customers.

Overall, there are plainly a lot more pros than cons when it concerns selling on Amazon Handmade, however relying on the private musician, selling on Amazon may or may not be your preference.

However, you can set up shop completely free and the worst-case situation is that you do not market anything. (The best-case circumstance is you develop a consistent stream of income from Amazon Handmade!).

With Amazon Handmade, you have the choice to utilize Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) approach, which is when you deliver your products to an Amazon storage facility.

Your products come to be Prime eligible, and Amazon will certainly package and also ship any orders you receive for you. (In fact, 88% of U.S.

Amazon consumers make purchases on Amazon at least every month). In various other words, if you’re marketing online, you want to be selling on Amazon.

Which one is better Amazon Handmade vs. Etsy?

For craftsmen, artisans, and also manufacturers, Amazon Handmade and also Etsy are both excellent platforms to monetize your abilities and also imagination. Each marketing system will certainly have its pros and cons that are basically appropriate to each private vendor.

You can sell on both of them.

Picking which platform to sell on

When it concerns taking into consideration whether you sell on Amazon Handmade or Etsy, remember that you can pick both! 9% of Amazon vendors currently offer on Etsy– and also another 7% are looking to begin in 2021.

If you are contrasting them, though, think about each industry independently, due to the fact that they’re offering various needs.

While substantially more customers have actually gone shopping on Amazon than Etsy (83% versus 21%, specifically), Etsy buyers are specifically looking for one-of-a-kind handmade or vintage products.

On the other hand, competition for handmade products on Etsy has boosted significantly given that the platform was released in 2005, and it has actually been increasing since.

Amazon Handmade, on the other hand, has just been around given that 2015 and also has an extremely rigorous application procedure, which limits the variety of sellers you’ll compete with.

At the end of the day, the even more marketplaces your products are noted on, the even more direct exposure your business will certainly have.

You might discover for your products perform better on one marketplace over the other, yet you won’t recognize up until you discover your options!

Exactly how to get started with Amazon Handmade

If you currently have a handcrafted product or otherwise handmade product to sell on Amazon Handmade, we’ll stroll you through just how to get your account set up. (And if you do not, but you’re interested in marketing there, we can help you identify product chances below.). The application process to sell on Amazon Handmade is detailed. wants to guarantee they’re building a shop of really handmade products, so they have to ensure they exclude any type of attempt to include mass-produced products to the Handmade system.

By Amazon’s meaning, Handmade methods.

Handcrafted: Made totally by hand. Hand-altered: Existing products are altered or adjusted right into a new layout, for instance, a denim jacket you paint or attract your layouts on.

Handmade Customized: If you’re tailoring a handmade product, then you are qualified to sell on Amazon Handmade. For example, if you make fashion jewelry as well as hand stamp initials on them per the consumer’s request.

During the application procedure, Amazon will certainly ask you a selection of inquiries concerning your business.

Amazon will ask you concerning on your own as well as your business.

1. What type of Marketer are you?

  • Manufacturer working alone.
  • Maker with less than 20 staff members.
  • A collective team of manufacturers.
  • Various other.



2. Tell us regarding your job Select the choice that finest represents your work.

My products are handcrafted My products are hand-altered I do not make my own products; I personalize each one based on the purchaser’s demand I acquire handmade products from Makers as well as offer them

3. What ideal explains your manufacturing process?

I create and also make my own products I design and also make my products, but a small portion of the job is done by an outside company or team I make my products and send them out for manufacturing

4. What portion of your manufacturing process is done by you and/or your employees? 75-100%. 50-74%. 25-49%. 1-24%. None.

5. Tell us about your products and also the procedures.

Here is where you supply Amazon with an extremely complete step-by-step summary of exactly how and what products you make use of for producing your handmade products.

  • What products are involved?
  • What tools or methods do you make use of?
  • How much time does each action take?

6. Program us your work (photos are needed).

Publish pictures of your handmade products along with the manufacturing process.

Program Amazon as much detail as possible so you don’t come across any delays with the approval procedure.

7. Select your product classification.

Choose from the drop-down menu the classification you desire to offer.

When filling in the application form, make sure you are comprehensive in your answers.

The point of this is to remove sellers or organizations that are not offering handmade items.

In the image area, I would certainly additionally consist of photos of your production process when possible. Program Amazon you or your company are really handcrafting your products.

And also it’s constantly an excellent suggestion to assess the Amazon Handmade Terms as well as Conditions prior to putting on guarantee you can comply with their guidelines and policies.

How to start an amazon business

Exactly how to discover products to sell on Amazon Handmade.

Below are some methods to do product studies for handmade products.

Search through each Handmade classification on Amazon and Etsy. When browsing the search results in each handmade category, it will present the top-selling products for that main category.

Handmade will additionally award top-selling products with a “Best Seller” badge, much like the remainder of Amazon.

A solid indicator of a fantastic marketing product is by looking at the review matter.

On average, just 2 out of every 100 purchasers will certainly leave a review. So if you see products with a high testimonial matter, you can presume that product has a strong sales background.

One more suggestion to determine how regular sales are for a specific product, scroll to the testimonial area on a listing and also filter by “Most recent.”

This will provide you a far better understanding of just how commonly or just recently someone got. If one of the most recent evaluations was from 2 years back, then that product probably isn’t marketing that much anymore.

Validate the need for existing products you develop.

Right here are some means you can validate the demand for your products:.

1. Search in Google Trends.

Conduct a keyword search in Google Trends for the product you currently make to see the current patterns. Inspect the past 12 months along with the last 5 years to see if that certain product has actually acquired popularity with time.

2. Search on Amazon Handmade and also Etsy.

An additional method to validate the demand for the product you currently produce is to look for that product on Amazon Handmade and Etsy.

If you see similar products being offered with evaluations, that is a good sign that there is a demand for that product. Think of methods you can differentiate your handmade products from the ones currently offered.

These are points to take into consideration when producing distinct, distinctive products.

Discover time to develop as well as produce products.

A well-established musician or craftsperson must understand how long it takes to complete a certain product.

If you are just starting out with your handmade products business, guarantee you establish the appropriate preparation so consumers understand what to anticipate when they position an order.

I recommend starting with products you are familiar with as well as can get finished promptly when you get a new order from a client. The last thing you desire is to get an order and not be able to fulfill the order in a timely manner.

When you start obtaining orders, it will certainly give you a far better understanding of just how much inventory to produce ahead of time. One more idea:

Stock up on delivery materials so you can quickly load and deliver your order once it prepares to go. Boxes, loading tape, delivering labels, bubble cover, etc

A strong indicator of a terrific selling product is by looking at the review count.

If you see products with a high evaluation count, you can presume that product has a solid sales history. If the most recent evaluation was from 2 years ago, then that product possibly isn’t offering that much anymore.

Believe of means you can separate your handmade products from the ones currently available. I suggest starting with products you are acquainted with and can get finished promptly when you get a new order from a customer.

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